Chillaxing at Holy Trinity Spa in Sogakope

Chillaxing stands for chilling and relaxing. It's like relaxing but doing something fun. Yesterday, I joined the Rancard team on a corporate outing to visit the Holy Trinity Spa in Sogakope in the Volta region. It's about a 2 hour drive from Accra. Loved being there.

Before we get into the tweets, let's learn about the 10 pillars of health.
  • Regular and appropriate physical exercise
  • Scientific relaxation and restful sleep
  • Healthy diet
  • Detoxification (including fasting)
  • Management of sress and stress disorders
  • Supplements
  • Positive attitudes
  • Christian disciplieship
  • Health through water (SPA)
  • Medical, surgical & dental treatments

Now to the tweets :-) Yes, cos I was blogging while there.
If I had taken the day off, I would have had a 5 day weekend with the Eid-Ul Adha holiday being today. Can't say I didn't think about it.
First impressions of the spa were good.
I love having a positive attitude. Everyone should have it.
Since I hardly lift weights, this sounds good to me. My buddy +Kwabena Ofosu Owusu-Daaku added: "It is not better than weight lifting but the heart bit is so true. Aerobics works your heart more than weight lifting (Cardio!!!). Weight lifting puts a lot more stress on your muscles in less time than aerobics. LOOOL
I'm a bit lazy so love weight lifting more than aerobics"
Positive sounds good but I don't want any kind of stress. Marriage then promotion no be bad koraa :-)
According to +Ethel Cofie, this is in Scripture. 1st Corinthians, chapter 7, versus 3-13.
It's a Google market everybody! The tour guide who welcomed as was an entertainer to say the least. His chew and pour was quite phenomenal. :-)
True talk.
A lot of ..... I dunno sef... it's just funny.
After that time at the Sarova Stanley, enjoying sauna experiences is quite easy.
I might just buy a portable sauna room when I get a lot of cash.
This caused a chain of tweets from Ethel and Nnenna, two highly influential young African women in the IT space. But seriously, why should the masseuses in a town in the Volta region be from Accra? Are we that dependent on Accra? C'mon Ghana. +Ethel Cofie +Nnenna Nwakanma
No, I didn't get to take Sara's number. :-)
We need more domestic tourism in Ghana. Stay tuned to Pleasure Sights, PartyCrewGH and co. cc +David Nikoi +Donald Ward +Seyram Freddy Ahiabor.
Learn about Stone Lodge with me. We go go there next time. See them on Facebook.
A friend is working on a shea butter business with Duafe. Check out . I also learnt about SEKAF Ghana which makes many natural cosmetics from shea butter with the Tama products. Now, I will be using it for massages too. 
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