Taking partying more seriously - #partycrewgh

You know about +Party Crew already abi? Let's go party! I am a social animal. I like to party and party hard. Shout out to these party folks & PartyCrew members- +Donald Ward +David Nikoi +Seyram Freddy Ahiabor +Nehemiah Attigah +Ali Bukari Maiga +Bellyn Naki +Nana Fynn Class-Peters +Sweetie Anang +Derek Bossman +Mac-Jordan Degadjor +Lexis Bill
P-Square's Chop My Money remix has been our anthem for a while. Our favorite part is "pushaa" where we kick out our legs. I did it once in Akosombo and caused small commotion with a fall. More controlled kicks coming up.
Wey the love I get for you na Jackie Chan! Pushaa! You just have to do the kick then. Jumpstarts the party every time.
After one of my house parties, I found this 8pm drink in my house. Apparently it gives 'cancer'. So I wasn't going to drink it. I was going to drain it away somewhere. At 8pm. Finally one day, I remembered to do it at 8pm. And 8pm was gone.
Yeah, I look forward to Fridays for party reasons sometimes too :-)
Yeap, confirmation from +Elorm Billy-Awittor :-)
Inside joke alert. It's naughty. :-)
We have Party Crew representation in the Diaspora too :-) I really miss going to African parties in the US and hearing music from all over the continent, including classics.
They were not playing this popular Zone Fam song at Shaka Zulu. They should, some time.
I was dumbfounded by this. It turned out to be a fan night though. Being surrounded by ladies in a party atmosphere is always a great thing ;-)
Need to party in Kumasi? +Francis Addai needed to. Evidence proves that he would rather party in Ho though as part of +Barcamp Ho.
Up until sometime last month, I hadn't met more than 3 ladies from Guinea. And then I met 5!
So when we invited them to the next PartyCrewGH party which happened to be the next night and I had to go pick all 5 of them up, I showed them that I could surprise them with some Guinean music.
My favorite word after a PartyCrewGh party is, "we threw down". Sorry, I meant to say words. I am high right now.
Of course, am not high. Am joking. But people who are drunk will never say they are drunk. People who are high, however would. But hey, am not high o! Cos if you actually get high, you would need to go to bed, or you would want to go to bed. But if you are drunk, you might just fall in bed. It would be bedtime, before you know it. Case in point, is the very latest PartyCrew party which we've tweeted about here.
Ta-ta. Good night :-)
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