No, facts about Olele don't get old - my own #Olelefacts

Yes, the Black Stars have long beaten the Pharoahs of Egypt 6-1, but #OleleFacts don't get old. Even when the one who helped start this phenomenon gets older. So espeically, when today is the birthday of the one who helped start this +Achere Buxton. I got in on the #OleleFacts earlier and here are some :-)
Enjoy. They are old tweets, but you can still say Ole! :-)
#OleleFacts became popular in October. Naa Achere and her friends were tweeting this in August. Foresight. :-)
I had been celebrating Uganda and had to switch names to get in on the Ghanaian trend.
Hehe. That means he also discovered light no?
Richard Kingson is a goalkeeper. In fact, a real timeless goalkeeper.
How do you like me now? :-)
His story is what we learn. History.
This is likely my favorite Olele picture. Jesus is known as his buddy. That's how popular Olele has been in history.
Those #OleleFacts hype helped the Black Stars, no be so? See how they walloped Egypt and spelt the 7 African champions!
2Face's Implication song will never be the same for Ghanaians. DJ's will start playing it more seriously again like they did that night at Hot Gossip. cc +Party Crew
Lol, +Kuukuwa Manful called me out with this picture paa o!
Looking forward to the second leg of the World Cup qualifier between Ghana & Egypt. I really hope Richard Kingson keeps goal for the Black Stars. He's come to deliver us from Egypt like his old friend Moses. Loved watching his Black Stars colleagues put on a show earlier this month with +Donald Ward +David Nikoi +Ali Bukari Maiga & +Kofi Ulzen-Appiah.
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