Today's revelations, tomorrow's memories - the massage story

Today, I had a revelation. It's better to have a massage on a Thursday after a tasking working day than on a Sunday after you've chillaxed a bit. I blogged about the first massage I had from Revelations as part of a more encompassing post. and today here's another. But yeah, when I finally go to Angola, I will make sure to get a massage administered by some linda babe. In the meantime, Ima enjoy some in Accra more seriously.

For some reason, I think kizomba is the best music to listen to when getting a massage. So I listened to some of the songs today. Let me share a few with you, go get them (or play them on YouTube) next time.
Magico by Mika Mendes.
Vai dar bum by Ary.
Quadradinha by Yola Araujo.
Te quero bue by Bruna Tatiana.
Coisa doida by Adi Cudz & Yola Araujo.

I've realised one question many masseuses ask is "Are you okay?" After the umpteenth time today, I had to wonder a wonderful response.
While folks were wondering about happy endings, I got a couple of responses with one of my buddies saying "No, I am not. How about you keeping it real". :-) Here's mine.
If you're in East Legon or can access it, don't look any further for all your barbering, salooning and beauty therapy needs. I already introduced Revelations Beauty Salon & Spa to you on this blog. Now, they also have a web presence, check out their website at Go see them and create some memories for yourself!

2 hours, 33 minutes after the massage, am still feeling the relaxed muscles. The masseuse(s) dealt with me personally! Haba! habatically! 


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