None of the #OleleFacts is greater than those needed to get Ghana to the World Cup

So Richard Kingson got called up to the Black Stars after some years away from the team recently. Many Black Star fans have said he is too old to play for the Ghana national football team.

So the jokes started and #OleleFacts has been born.

Here are some of the best ones related to football, which is what he was famous for in the first place. 
He sure has been around for a while. If John Mensah is the rock of Gibraltar (23.3% of the time), then Olele is the rock of Ages.
Olele likes being in pictures.
Nelson Mandela was 95 this year.
He must remain the same good old goalkeeper if he's gonna man the goal posts for the Black Stars soon.
Not sure what his age is anymore. Apparently, he played for Great Olympics in 1993 and he's supposed to be 34 years now. Hmmm.
I love this one. I think +Elijah Ekow Atta-Aidoo does too. Great photoshop skills. Thanks +Jojo Chartei Quansah
Lol, +Achere Buxton has really been on this.
Classic! This surely has to be a true story. :-)
Others say Olele caught the stool when Okomfo Anokye called it to come.
Lol, +Prince Kwarteng! Was Olele a great barber? Could he barb hair as well as he could barb balls? 
Thank you Olele! I love the flag!
Herrrhhh! +David Abbey-Thompson! Am sure Nkrumah could have been a great footballer though.
OMGoodness! Really?
Haha! Olele is a hard worker. He needs to paid and respected.
Yes, we really need this now! Ole ole ole ole! Olele! Olele! :-)
We want to win the World Cup. We welcome your help Richard Kingson :-)
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