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I am a social animal. I love partying and partying hard. It must have something to do with liking to hang out with people and loving listening to music. I party with different crews and cliques. My regular partying crew had been chilling for a while and then because we are people who just like to get things done took the partying more seriously. So PartyCrew GH was formed. Still not sure what we are doing with it, we have many grand ideas actually. I also promised myself to party less this year. Actually club less, party more. Anyway, I wanted to share a few tweets chronicling my party story for this year so far and the places I've been. Pick up a few places to visit when you're there. And we have a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a +Party Crew Google+ page. Like, follow and add it. You'd find party pleasure if you've lost it.
We started the year off with a party inside Foxes' Night club to celebrate +Lexis Bill's birthday. It was a good one. 
Shaka Zulu is one of my favorite clubs in Accra. There's no cover charge ever, just gotta dress a certain way. Hollywood Boulevard? They didn't let me enter once cos I was wearing a Ghana lacoste. I wasn't happy, so they are on the off-list for now. Done and dusted Twist for the same reason.
Yup, we gat deejays in our midst, like +Donald Ward. They also act as hype men sometimes. No one hypes a party better than +Ali Bukari Maiga though. He does it bloody good. I didn't party this weekend, I was supposed to go to the Pool Bar & Night Club yesterday sef. What a name eh?
"Life is short, my time in this country is shorter." That should be the party crew's motto when in another country. Thanks to +Ayite Gaba who created this. He's a googley party animal that guy. When I was in South Africa this year, I got antsy when I hadn't partied with 3 days spent there. So I partied more seriously before I left Mzansi.
It's obvious we +Party Crew throw parties right?
We also organize trips too! Like when we went to Ada, led by the ringleader +David Nikoi. That was the Ada adventure! See pictures.
We threw down one "cake-bake" party once in Tema, at +Nehemiah Attigah's residence. That was a high. So next time you see a tweet like one... you know what to do.
Tavern used to be the first point of call on a party night. Not so much these days but we still love em. 2131! cc +Seyram Freddy Ahiabor
Because sometimes it can cause you to write a tweet like this one.....
"Huku Nairobi we like to party huku Nairobi twapenda kuwaka huku Nairobi twapenda kuhanya huku Nairobi hepi, hepi ni hepi yeah yeah"
When you're in another country and you wanna use the internet and your roaming is not working, you start believing with vim that you will get wi-fi at a club. And that's what happened this particular night. Furahiday!
Ghanaian ladies don't like to party or go out much. But they will outnumber you more seriously at social events like Miss Ghana. Our very own +Jane Arkorful competed this year.
Last year, we discovered Discovery Hotel while there for +Barcamp Tamale. This year, Discovery Hotel blast. But there's always Gidipass! cc +Kobe Subramaniam
Getting gidi is not enough. Unity is most important.
Our last real get-together was when we went on a trip to Maritime Club in Akosombo. We partied so much bystanders stopped and watched us and filmed us. And then Sapro made a proclamation that live in #PartyCrewGH infamy! --->
If you haven't liked the Facebook page, followed the Twitter account or added the +Party Crew Google+ page, then you don't really like to party. Burna! Boy!
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