#WaakyeWednesday: #Waakye wherehouses in Accra

Have you ever asked yourself "where can I get waakye to buy in Accra?" Better still, have you wondered where to get the fastest selling food in the world while in Accra so you can have a Waakye Wednesday? I am here to help :-) Here are a few places to eat Waakye in Accra in no particular order of preference. Sorry, they are exactly Google mapped yet.

Waakye Special - Such a generic name. Works for me. This is located near the Roman Ridge Assemblies of God place. I like the lady who sells there. I just wish she would smile more :-) She makes most of my #WaakyeWednesday days come true. +Seyram Freddy Ahiabor will attest to this.

Xroads Waakye - This is one of the 2 places I regularly get waakye. I patronized it once after I thought the last place I featured had given me a raw deal. The lady serving here had a "tattoo". Tattoo waakye o! Another time, she told me it was one of those designs Northerners do on their hands. It's okay, I fell in love with that long time. Xroads? It's located at the crossroads between that Nyaho clinic road and the train tracks.

Nyame ne Hene - When I went to these 2 previous places on the Wednesday after Eid-Ul Adha and they were on vacation from selling waakye, I was distraught. But my yearning for a #WaakyeWednesday would not be defeated. So I made my way into Pig Farm and Kotobabi and found that this spot was selling. So I blogged about the whole story. Yeah, here.

Fuleera - This is a popular waakye joint in Madina. I was there once with +Mac-Jordan Degadjor and we even had the Burkina drink. Once upon a time, Fuleera was open at 12 midnight. That's very cool. +Jemila Abdulai & Madina's very own +M.anifest (who should mention them in a song, and if it's been done already, someone please let me know) are big fans. Fuleera is on that main Madina road going from IPS up to Madina taxi rank.
Auntie Muni Waakye - Obrafour rapped about it (in Kasiebo), that's as much street cred as this popular waakye joint needs. It is also home to the famous Facebook Waakye parties. Sadly, Auntie Muni doesn't open for business at this Labone spot on Wednesdays. You bet we will petition her to do so in a campaign. Send her a message at her website - yes, her website - to ask her to sell Waakye on Wednesdays. I've eaten her humongous waakye portions with friends for free a number of times because I helped her set up the website. She also catered for +Barcamp Accra in 2012.

Katawodieso - I used to get waakye from here a lot for lunch time at Google till I discovered the next wherehouse below. Katawodieso stands for "Cover your own", as if to say "don't share this (your) waakye with anybody else". The lady who owns this has a Presecan (Odadee) in her family. Bonus points. This is a very popular spot in Osu, it's close to Kama Conference Centre. It's a landmark sef. +Jens Kuehlers (my German colleague at Google) once showed me Katawodieso annex. Hehe.

Amalia Special - Pretty generic name as most Waakye sellers are called Amalia. This is my lady though. I bought waakye from her very religiously for a long time. I have to go visit her more seriously too. I successfully churned Googlers' waakye business from Katawodieso to Amalia. Me and +Ali Bukari Maiga are 2 of her dearest customers.
Waakye Extra O - This used to be arguably the most patronized waakye spot in town until the george bush highway came to hurt access to the location. N1 things. I hear they never really seemed to run out of waakye. Extraordinary.

Waakye place whose name I forget - This one is close to the old Rancard office in Asylum Down. They routinely have waakye around 3 and 4pm. Rumour has it that because their waakye is not that great, it doesn't sell fast. That's music to the ears of folks like me who tend to look for waakye at later times but this is surely not good for business.

+Naa Oyoo Quartey shared this on Twitter about Nyame Na Ayɛ.
Looking out for the Waakye Crew members like +Nehemiah Attigah +Ela Asare +David Nikoi +Maame Efua Tandoh +Nana Fynn Class-Peters  and co to share their waakye wherehouses.

Where do YOU get your waakye in Accra? As always, KEEP CALM and EAT WAAKYE
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