Some #OleleFacts to prove Olele is Old. Ole!

Many of you might know Richard Kingson as Ghana's goalkeeper at the 2006 and 2010 World Cups. There are many great images of him. He's not been Ghana's first choice goalkeeper for a couple of years now. Recently, he was called back into the Black Stars set-up and many fans are not happy with this, thinking he is too old to still play great football.

This has led to the creation of many jokes about how old Richard Kingston aka Olele is. These have captured all over social media with the hashtag #OleleFacts. There is even a Twitter account called @OleleFacts. This phenomenon has also been featured on BBC. Wanna know what the fuss is about? Read these tweets below.
+Achere Buxton gets us going again. So Olele was either the first man or really is an angel living amongst us. Your pick.
Olele putting on the first light is not enough, he also did the wiring. MDFSKK.
Old wine does taste best. +Efo Dela 
Are you now telling me this? +Prince Kwarteng
Olele was the first labourer. Give him his due.
Labouring again. +Desmond Blackmore
Either Olele was very rich in these times or he was very influential or he was really sacrificial. Your pick.
Erm, I think I will lean to the 2nd option after this picture.
Legend has it that......
Noice. Hehe.
I wanna have some. I hope it tastes like Smirnoff and Palm Wine and not like Guinness.
ROFLMAO. +Fred Frimpong, why? lol.
We want a picture!
I wanna see the next one. cc +Barbara Naa Ayorkor
Is that why his name is spelled as Kingson?
This picture is just for kicks. And we all know Richard Kingson can kick it! 
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