True Ananse comic is here! Download for Android & Java phones

"No long thing, just blog it Ato."

Want to learn about Leti Games? read this old blog post. They've come far, I will attempt to update you all in due time. You can stay up to date through +Nana Kwabena Owusu's great work at . +Leti Games
 is now +Leti Arts

But in the mean time, in between time, as +Eyram Tawia 
sits at the YFM studios being interviewed on +Mpwr show on 107.9 FM now, learn more about the True Ananse story which is being scripted and born. What you know about Ananse is about to be refreshed, changed and innovated (forgive my English but you know what I mean right?) Right. Right to it -----> 

Thrilled to announce that you can experience the first issue of The True Ananse RIGHT NOW on Android and Java phones! The comic will soon be available on Windows, iOS, and the Nokia Ovi store.
For Android phones:
1) Download the FREE Leti Center app from the Google Play store
2) The +The True Ananse comic will be inside the Leti Center
For Java phones:
1) Open this email on your phone
2) Download the FREE Leti Center app straight to your Java phone
3) The True Ananse comic will be inside the Leti Center

Done. There, that wasn't difficult right.
Sent the point home.

Read the blog post with more detail here.
PS: Bonus link from Leti Arts website - 
5 Incredible Ghanaian Illustrators You Should Know

Leti Games: Our Story from Leti Games on Vimeo.
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