A selection of my first tweets from 2008

So, I found out a way to find my very early early tweets :-) I started tweeting in October 2008. I wanted to share some selected tweets from 2008 with you. In a blog post.
I've been tweeting messages like from very early on. Always would use platform to carry messages like this. Especially if they can get retweeted :-)
I was quite obsessed with Barack Obama before. Can you blame me? He reminded me of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. Why were we not done yet? Can you sit there and say we're done now? 5 years later? Okay.
I took to Twitter to celebrate a small victory. I love trivia, I don't pay too much attention to it now but I loved it a lot in primary school and junior secondary school in KNUST.
I don't remember where I was but this happened. I don't see nothing wrong... with a little bump and grind. Bardman. PartyCrew mi a long time :-)
It came 3 years later. In this form. Don't judge me. You don't know me.
Did it eventually. And start paying less attention to Facebook, I just sync my tweets to Facebook and concentrate on posting there.
Of course, I've been in love for a long time. But after visiting the GooglePlex and especially after going to Barcamp Africa there and seeing Google's work on and in Africa, the decision was made. Would always be a Googler.
I met my ex-girlfriend at this concert o! I thourougly love Ali Kiba's music as well.
Ghana dey love peace paa. I am not as excited about peace campaigns as I am now as I was in 2008.
Yeap. I saw Jerry John Rawlings speak on a panel at Boston University in 2004 and loved his submissions. Have liked him more and more since then.
Yeap, folks in the Diaspora like to watch local TV in Ghana. And folks like us like to tweet about it too.
Lol, look at me hoping that Henry Addo was tweeting in a trotro. On election day :-)
More tweets about Ghana's elections in 2008, but still no hashtags.
We need to get write-ins for Ghana presidential voting. That's to say those running for president all suck and we'd rather have some other guy be running. Including the fictional character B. K. Oduro. KSM won't be bad at all. Noko Fio oo!
Yea. Evidence. NPP beating out NDC in a poll in the Volta region. It happens.
Disappointed. Then and now. The stomach direction voting we do in Ghana is quite disappointing.
I was excited about this paa. I think I even blogged about it. Yes I did, Letta to Osagyefo - Samia Nkrumah the wonder aba!.
That's happened before. But that also meant I would get to experience the run-off while in Ghana as I missed the December 7 election being in the USA (California).
I miss Yankee. It's such a melting pot. I could experience different cultures and be amongst different groups of people all the time. But hey, give me Ghana 233 days each year.
Tsooboi! It's a rallying cry. A call to action. Less talk, more action. Them kind things.
I didn't use to tweet about what I was eating. But this tweet is full of excitement. Some of my happiest times in life is when I have arrived at Kotoka airport in Accra and am entering Ghana. If you know me, you'd understand.
Of rourse, but you knew this already. You dunno? Okay, count me quoted.
Myjoyonline was late to the party. We be the gangareas who see this long time. Visionaries :-)
It surely became extremely popular for about a couple of weeks. And then died off. They should have gotten a song made for them like Tuabodom, which I blogged about and discussed with others.
A re-run-off! Unheard of! Am done!
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