The day Lira followed me on Twitter

It was today. Earlier today, one of the people I most admire in life followed me on Twitter. I've been talking about Twitter a lot eh? I was so excited that I tweeted this.
My buddy Kofi Yeboah took extra liking to this tweet and replied with ....
sdBy the time I was replying to this tweet, some good time had elapsed. My memory had expired, oh no, wait, it was pending. Inside joke. I finally remembered but I was not spilling the beans yet. I'd tell you why in a minute. I had some ridiculous reason why.

I didn't tweet about what my excitement was until much later. I've been pretty excited about #ExploreLearnKE but that's for another day. I have blogged multiple times about this lady. I love her. No, she's not my girlfriend. She's not attached to Siyabonga Andile Mthimkhulu but Siya is quite attached to her music. Me too. Oh, she is ... yes... Lira.
I was excited today as when I was when Terry Pheto, Siyabonga's biggest crush, followed me. I have followed Lira's music career since 2007. I listen to her music the most these days, in my #vimride. Like me, she has something inside so strong which shows in how she sings. She is inspirational and a great example for many young African musicians, especially singers. I will never forget the day I met Lira. I want to meet Nelson Mandela like she has. To me, she's the modern day Miriam Makeba, which says a lot. Mzansi must be proud of her. 

So I started looking for the official time that Lira followed me on Twitter. Sadly, Twitter doesn't really talk about what time people follow you on Twitter. I checked. I started digging some more and realised something interesting. My tweets had been showing at different times as when I posted them. I left my Twitter watch in California. Just changed my Twitter timezone from Pacific time to GMT Monrovia time. I find it interesting (and almost insulting) that timezones are shown as GMT Monrovia when the world knows that the Greenwich Meridian runs right through Ghana, with Tema at the centre of it all. Anyway, I have digressed. Let's go back to talking about Lira. I guesstimated that the time she followed me was about 3pm. Then #233moments don pass. No p.

Do you know what I was afraid of? That I would proclaim that Lira was following me on Twitter and how I was excited about it. And that Lira might see and just for some weird reason would unfollow me, especially when I wasn't following her. Of course, Lerato Molapo (now Kohl) won't do it. Call it one of those ridiculous things I do. I promptly followed @Miss_Lira on Twitter. Go on and do so too. And follow me @abocco while you're at it. :-)
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