Creating the life of the party in Koforidua

I wasn't going to come to Koforidua for +Barcamp Koforidua and not spend a night there. Well, I got an epic night! Serious +Party Crew type stuff with +Bubune Sorkpor+Victor Ofoegbu & Beatrice. We had some interesting conversations about Koforidua & Koforidua flowers.

Some Koforidua Poly friends, +duncan qwame & +Jemima Abochie had informed us about a party at K-Poly. We were looking for places to go hang out, the special occasions, as opposed to the regular Koftown nightlife. We were informed of a show at Eredec Hotel. Yeap, that hotel that traditionally hosts Miss Eastern Region as part of Miss Ghana. +Jane Arkorful, where you at?
Sɔ me ha na sɔ me ha! Eduwoji was performing for +koforidua polytechnic students. That guy sef, he's not very relevant now but he did get huge airplay with Yɛnko Nkoaa. Eredec Hotel was popping, but the foursome were a little out of place. And we didn't seem to think the venue had what we'd come to think of as Koforidua Flowers. So we bounced.

Following the sub-par experience at Eredec, we set out to go experience Koforidua nightlife. After seeing that the Total Filling station was filled with nothing that would total to fun for us and that nothing was happening at Capital View Hotel, we headed to the one club in town that would function for us. Club Liquid. They were charging 10GhC at the door, which is a bit too much. But hey, they enjoy a monopoly, so we couldn't do foko about it.

We decided to sit outside like many other revellers and get some drinks. That's when Beatrice shot the idea of shots our way.
After getting two rounds of shots, and realising each cost 50 pesewas, I called for more. We had had akpeteshie too. Why do we waste money on vodka and co then? My eye open.
We were getting into these shots and loving them. We had an extra seat. We were not going to give it to a guy. Only a lady like Caro. A Koforidua flower.
After another round of shots, I had enjoyed Vanilla Cardinal (or something like that), and some akpeteshie. I had to start asking about their names because I didn't want the night to degenerate into a drunken one.
I realised that one of the shots which was brownish or reddish in colour was a bit on the soft side and sweet. So I claimed I didn't want a drink that had a colourless colour. Like the one that akpeteshie had. You know Koforidua Flowers have colours right? Including the white ones. Oh wait, I am writing like a drunk person. What am I saying? Let me finish this blog post already.
That is an infamous quote that just had to be tweeted. After the shots, we entered the club paying 40GhC for us 4. The bouncer gave us 15GhC, I am not sure why but we didn't give him the money back. I mean, heck, KMJ of Vision FM had attended +Barcamp Koforidua and was our friend. We shouldn't be paying. I went to see the DJ to play some local songs. He saw the Barcamp Koforidua t-shirt and recognized it. The fact that I was able to guess that this was DJ Jah Solo who I had chatted with on Twitter meant I was quite sober. :-)

We spent the time there dancing, playing pool, teaching some Koforidua flowers to play pool, etc. "Girl, your behind is a killer.... see gobe, omo, see gobe" We played that song consistently that night. We listened to it on repeat. In fact, the #vimride might have been popping more than the Koforidua spots we visited. We are the life of the party. #PartyCrewGH things.
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