Twitter's gone public? I've been public with it since October 2008

Twitter went public this week. As in, they priced their IPO, at $26 a share too. A day later, it became evident that they underestimated their worth. Hey, many people underestimated Twitter too when it first came out. It took a while to grow quickly, it was helped by a couple of events, first at South by SouthWest Interactive conference. Turns out they had Twitter on screens at the conference. More on this in a later blog post. Congrats to Twitter, it has replaced Facebook as my social network of choice. Like 2.33 years ago. Twitter has mattered in many lives, especially mine, for a long time.

The first time I really saw Twitter in action a lot was when I attended Barcamp Africa at the Googleplex in Mountain View on October 11, 2008. So right after the event, after seeing the power of what it could do, I created my Twitter account and tweeted this. I just had to go look for my first tweet and tweets :-)
I had met Guy Kawasaki at the Barcamp Africa event and I followed him very closely after. That must explain my early "alltop" tweets. I used Twitter to promote posts from my Mightyafrican blog. I wrote a blog post talking about Pan-Africanism and my Ghanaianness. Twitter has helped iron out my Pan-Africanism and eventually been a jewel in my interacting with people around the continent.

I've been live tweeting events for the longest time, even for events I am not physically present. On the 29th October 2008, I watched the IEA Presidential debate and live tweeted most of it. Hashtags were not really part of my 'twife' then :-) I tweeted about Paa Kwesi Nduom, a memorable quote from the PNC's Edward Mahama, the front runner Nana Akufo Addo and the eventual winner John Atta Mills. Check the links for selected tweets about the candidates. I even tweeted the Joy FM Super Morning Show the next day, nah Joy FM wasn't on Twitter then, neither was my favorite CITI FM. Politics as usual on the show that morning though.
I've always used Twitter to say #morevim type things, like this one above.
My first mention of someone on Twitter, also my first reply, was to something Henry Addo tweeted about Barack Obama. I hadn't gotten into hashtags then. In fact, I am not sure I used a hashtag until 2009 :-)

Ever since then, I've used Twitter at most events I've attended. I have met many people and made via Twitter. In fact, when I first traveled to Uganda, the very first African country I went to, I met some folks I had met via Twitter. There are many stories to tell about my life on Twitter. I've had my tweets public since day one. Congrats to Twitter on its IPO and the money it's about to earn. They solved problems of scale :-) Keep it free ;-)
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