PayPal should offer its services to Ghana now!

In fact, I bore. See the reason someone at PayPal gave for why Ghana is not a supported country.
 We thank you for your interest in using PayPal as your payment processor. As of this time, we are not yet offering our service to Ghana.

This service limitation is because of the laws and financial regulations of each country. Before we begin to offer certain services in various countries, we must be sure that we are fully compliant with local and international financial laws to avoid difficulties in the future with our services.

We look forward to expanding our services to additional countries in the future. Establishing our service in each new country involves complex changes due to different regulations in each of these countries. This is a long and difficult process. However, I can assure you that our International Team is working hard to expand our services as rapidly as possible.

Please continue to check our website for updates and features regarding International Membership. To view the services available in your country, go to the PayPal website, click the flag at the bottom of the page, and then click 'See all countries.' In the drop down menu, select your country to see what services we offer.

I appreciate your patience and understanding about this matter.

Thank you for your interest in PayPal - the fastest, easiest, and safest way to send money in the world.
C'mon, I am not buying this. A lot of folks in Ghana are saying we should push our own local payment systems like mPower Payments, Fast Cashier, iPay, OzinboPay, iWallet, PayApp, etc. I agree, we should use these more seriously. But at the moment, I can't use these to pay outside Ghana or on many different websites. We'd get there we are not there. You know who's there? Angola. Gambia. Ethiopia. Reunion. Yes, Reunion is a country. They're also not Ghana, which has produced many great sons and daughters of this earth.

Because +PayPal is not in Ghana, someone is selling it Tonaton. Guess what the only blog post (posted in 2010) on the blog called PaypalGhana is called? How To Open A Paypal Account From Ghana. CitiFM which really supports citizen engagement and grassroots initiatives rightfully got some news out of this, the right kind too. Ghanaian internet users petition Paypal to come to Ghana.

Why isn't Paypal in Ghana? Fraud? 419? Sakawa? "they're yet to come to Ghana?" Even Mayotte, a country I've not heard of before, that is in Africa, uses Paypal. A whole MIghTy African like me.  See this list of supported countries. Abeg, Ghana counts. We need want Paypal here. The excuse Paypal gave above is bogus.

Go and sign this petition. We're driving this hard! #PayPal4Ghana
PayApp is coming! :-) Pay with PayApp
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