Abocco(?) returns to Koftown in search of Koforidua Flowers?

Yea, I've never written a blog post whose title has 2 question marks. As I've been thinking about Koforidua as I go to attend +Barcamp Koforidua this weekend, the name 'Koforidua Flowers' has been ringing true a whole lot. It's not just because we've had a popular song called Koforidua Flowers, but that the phrase is used a lot. So I've been looking forward to going to Koforidua and spending a night there and especially learning more about Koforidua Flowers. But that's not all. The name 'Abocco' has something to do with all of this.
Earlier this year, I blogged and wrote about being named the +BloggingGhana Blogger of the Week sometime last year -
Courage also wanted to how I came up with my Twitter handle called "Abocco". I learnt about the name #Abocco while at KNUST JSS. Folks said it meant "Jɛ" or something cool. Apparently, the word is more popular in Koforidua. So I shall finally go to Koforidua proper to do full circle on the Abocco name and see a Koforidua flower. I heard the opposite of Abocco was Abotsi. I liked the name Abocco & I called myself "General Abocco Darling".
I never really watched this 'Koforidua Flowers' music video. This popular song is by Kofi B and Ofori Amponsah aka All4Real. Check out the lyrics here via +Museke. It shouldn't be a surprise that the video is shot in Koftown - The City of the Beautiful. You know another name synonymous with Ghanaian ladies? Especially the beautiful ones? Koforidua Flowers. Read this ode to them. There have to be some cool local on Koforidua Flowers that are not so public yet. Learning these over some drinks, +Party Crew style would be nice, especially Kasapreko. Speak already.
I have learnt this year that beads are quite a big deal in Koforidua. Given that many Ghanaian ladies (including Koforidua Flowers) wear them, it's extra important on the Ghanaian landscape.

But is Koforidua really that Tbeautiful? Is it really Abocco for all intents and purposes? I'd like to find out more seriously this weekend. And in doing so, I hope to meet more blossoming Koforidua Flowers in the young people of every discipline in Koftown. Koforidua should be able to keep its beauty, and grow a community of change makers and garden a number of flowers that blossom and make it even more beautiful. 
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