A #vimride story from Koforidua to Accra

After the epic night from before after +Barcamp Koforidua, we were just going to have a chillaxing Sunday in Koforidua and head back to Accra. It wasn't to be. Stories abound :-) But wait, it seems I knew more memories would be coming anyway. See what I tweeted after finally waking up :-) We took some group pictures at Whit's house. Beatrice and Bubune took some wearing the same bead necklaces. Some marriage like that. Koforidua is the Ghanaian Vegas. What happens in Koforidua, stays in Koforidua. Nah, you didn't get the full story from the previous blog post.
I had heard that Koforidua had some of the best fufu in Ghana. +Bubune Sorkpor & +Seyram Freddy Ahiabor had conquered some just before Barcamp Koforidua the day before. I was keen to have a feel too. As well as +Victor Ofoegbu. Beatrice is just one of the few Ghanaians, like my brother, who don't eat fufu, so she'd make do with banku & tilapia or something :-)
We left Whit's house a bit late, and at 2:33pm, we were discovering Koforidua as we figured out the route to the recommended fufu joint, Glamour. Glamour Spot was closed though. It was shocking! To top it off, while turning to get out of there to search for the next fufu spot, the #vimride hit a motorbike driver. Okay, we'd have to find a fufu spot near a mechanic then. Great. While the #vimride was getting a patch up at the mechanic's place, we were directed to a chop bar to get some of Koforidua's famous fufu.
We went to "Hwɛ nea Awurade ayɛ" chop bar. It means "Look at what God has done". They only had 'light soup' and it was not even hot. As in it was cold, it did have some spices. The grasscutter was worth 7GHC. It's actually not that much, but the cold soup made the whole fufu experience not the best. It's an award-winning chop bar too o! Not a good look for Koftown. The madam there had won cooking competitions. I addressed her with my concerns and flatly told her I wouldn't be visiting again. She gave me 1GhC for my trouble.
We left right after fufu, hoping to get back to Accra before dark. As we were tailing some other cars in the convoy to Greater Accra, I spotted a flower on the road. She was fine! I was quite sure that she was looking for a car to go to Accra. I was going to give her a free ride as we had a spot in the back seat. I stopped and parked. The other #vimride occupants were surprised. But I was serious. I suggested that Beatrice go call the lady and offer her a ride. She obliged. I was shocked. I like this girl. I don't mean the flower on the road side here, I mean Beatrice. When my sister asked me the night if I had gotten a flower, I took a picture of Beatrice (+ another lady) and whatsapped it to her.

Anyway, Beatrice walked over to the lady who was standing with a guy who seemed to be seeing her off. Beatrice had a chat with them both and started heading over to the car. And then the guy, not the lady, started following her. What the flying fuck? So it's the guy who is going to Accra and not the lady? Shoot. The die was cast. The lady started walking home and giving us a wave. I smiled widely but was not happy inside haha. Victor mentioned, "while we were looking for a Koforidua flower, we are getting a Koforidua tree". Ouch! The guy was a good sport though. The lady is his ex and has said he would share his phone number. He joined our "2 truths and 1 lie" game and we all learnt things about each other. You won't get to know o! What happens in the #vimride, stays in the #vimride
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