Working out all wrinkles to win a #WaakyeWednesday

I had some major tasks to do at work today so I couldn't afford to go waakye before going to work. It was still going to be a #WaakyeWednesday for me though. I would leave work when a lot of heavy lifting had been done to go check the nearby waakye wherehouses to buy my favorite dish. Turns out it wasn't going to be too easy. But then again, it's waakye. If it's easy to get waakye further into the day, then it's not living up to its billing as a meal in heavy demand. Huge waakye lovers of the waakye crew can always create demand though.

My favorite time of the day, 2:33pm, was arriving, and I wasn't about to eat waakye and worse still, I hadn't even bought some. I was running low on petrol so I drove to the Kotobabi Total to buy some fuel that ensure I didn't get stuck on my waakye hunt. Nyame ne Hene Waakye Joint is right there. I didn't even park. I stopped right infront of it and asked, "Waakye asa anaa?" The response was affirmative. Ah well, at least, I could buy the petrol. But this Total was totally out of fuel. So I had to drive down to another Total station which thankfully had some petrol. Now, I could do my waakye rounds more seriously.

I drove down to Amalia Waakye Special and to my surprise, she was out of waakye. People did some boughtments today paa. I drove to xroads to buy some. They had saved me once. They needed to before #233moments hit. The lady was selling something so I was feeling positive. But when I saw that she was only selling plain rice, I was in the negative about buying anything. The lady did say that she'd cook some new waakye so I could buy some. I was going to buy for myself and 2 colleagues, so the lady was going to gain a cool 15 GhC. 
A lady friend showed up at Xroads to buy waakye too as I was typing this tweet above. She was looking fine paa! She came to say hi and we briefly talked about how we were both waiting for the new waakye to be ready. It was going to be ready in 30 minutes. I had some time before my next meeting so I set out on the Nyaho clinic road to discover other waakye joints. I was driving slowly so as not to miss any waakye wherehouses and it was evident that drivers behind me were not enjoying my discovering. I found 2 of them, all of whom had packed up for the day. So I returned to Xroads waakye to ensure that the waakye was indeed cooking. It was. That's when I decided to use the 10 minutes 'left' to go to the GT Bank ATM to get money to repay those I had borrowed from. I saw one work colleague there.
I returned to Xroads waakye and saw the same work colleague. He was on a food hunt too, but he was buying kenkey, unlike me. The waakye was ready! But where was my lady friend? I whatsapped her to let her know the waakye was ready. However, the xroads lady was out of talia, eggs and plantain. So I had to buy these from a nearby food seller. Her bill was separate at 3.5 GhC, xroads' bill was 10GhC. Well, 3.5 is an odd number so I bought an extra egg which I briskly consumed.

I returned to work and enjoyed the waakye. I have never suffered this much just to buy waakye. But like my friend put it, I religiously eat waakye on Wednesdays. This was not going to be an exception. My buddy Ernest agreed.
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