Tweet, tweet - Ghana qualifies for World Cup in Brazil 2014

As many of you would know by now, Ghana has just confirmed its qualification to the World Cup in Brazil next year. It was a foregone conclusion after the Black Stars spelt Egypt and walloped the Pharoahs in Kumasi Agoropramaso last month. Congrats to the Black Stars and big ups to all the supporters of the Ghana national football team. I got to watch most of the second half and saw our goal. I missed a lot of tweets too. So for our collective benefit, here are some tweets you may have missed as you were following the Ghana game versus Egypt and the subsequent celebrations. And my comments :-)
We love these kinds of videos. I love Jama too! Just like these guys +Donald Ward +Seyram Freddy Ahiabor and +David Nikoi.
So KPB actually tweeted this. The prodigal son who always kept us in his heart. Or you think he did this also for show?
EL! +Elom Adablah is my mate from Presec. He's surely a Black Star in how he's doing well for Ghana music too.
The men for the job. They made sure the job was done.
Haha, +Efo Dela is too hilarious! I've been to many places..... Enter the net, enter the net, enter the net! Shatta Wale!
I don't enjoy how fickle our support for the Black Stars gets. Too many doomsday sayers in Ghana. It's great we overcome this many-a-time. +M.anifest had to manifest this confidence for many fans today.
From the lady who brought you #olelefacts lol. Great idea by +Achere Buxton hehe.
I shock sef. Seems the subject is done and dusted. Now, we'd see if Richard Olele Kingson goes to the World Cup too as part of the Black Stars squad.
Another funny friend of mine, +Lexis Bill. But on the real though, Ghanaians worried o! I feared for good security for my buddy +Gary Al-Smith but +Rana Kortam assured me not to worry. :-)
More worrying. Especially with the goal lol. +Emmanuel A. Gamor, all clear. Rana, congrats to Egypt on the win. But this is a small footnote in the main story which is captured by the following tweets.
Lovely picture! +Kwabena Akuamoah-Boateng is one of the coolest Ghanaians I know. And one of the biggest proponents of Ghana.
Michael Essien celebrates too. He accepts we didn't have a good game. No more let-offs guys. We want to win the +FIFA WORLD CUP!
I just like this tweet. If it was Mahama, he'd be talking about NDC people. Kudos to +Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo! If you think I am an NPP supporter, your face is in a hurry!
Kwasi Appiah did the job. Proud of my namesake. First local coach to qualify Ghana, confirmed by +AngeloBenjy Agyei-Boateng. We can also do this. We should never forget that.
I really like this tweet because of the #StartBelieving message. Black Stars supporters should really believe.
Definitely. Osee Asamoah Gyan! Let's join +Adwoa Agyemang and big up the whole team.
Your choice? I say we should be discussing the Black Stars. They make us proud! I want to capture the end of this blog post with one tweet.
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