Wear Ghana and Stand Out!

I am one of the biggest proponents of wearing Ghanaian and African wear on Fridays. During Traveler John's time, the idea was pushed a lot and we see a lot of Ghanaians wear traditional fabric attires of Friday. They wear Ghana. For me, I wear Ghanaian and African wear 80% of the time to work. I wear Ghana everyday pretty much. I told +Maame Efua Tandoh earlier this week, everything I wear has to say something. On Fridays, I normally say "Think Ghana, it's Friday! TGIF!" Remixing what TGIF is.

Today was the launch of Wear Ghana. A new fashion line called Wear Ghana was launched. Intriguing, yes. I wore the shirt that is more "Wear Ghana" than most shirts you will find. See the shirts in action here. Red, gold, grin :-) So I started the day by retweeting some @GhanaThink tweets ...

The launch was great. I saw +Qwophi Cedi +Seyram Freddy Ahiabor +David Aglah +kojo akoto boateng and some others. I had sobolo to drink and I am one of bissap's biggest fans. I was antsy or tired or nervous or something that I spilled the first cup of sobolo I had. I used that opportunity to chat with some lady small. And then while trying to get the last portions of the cocktail juice, I managed to get the top of the container on the floor and used that opportunity to chat with another lady. Turns out she was a sister of the first lady and the first lady who was the fashion designer whose clothing line was being launched. I bent down to pick up a bunch of things and found some pick up lines. Pick up the humour, okay? :-)

In one of the earlier tweets, the +GhanaThink Foundation posted about +Okyeame Kwame. He was wearing Ghana in that picture. Here's another gentleman who wears Ghana a lot like me. I count 2013 as a year of versatility for me and Okyeame Kwame has already sang a popular song called "Mr. Versatile". After leaving the WearGhana launch, I came home to eat and chillax small. I switched to +e.tv Ghana and lo and behold on the Late Night Celebrity Show was Okyeame Kwame, your favorite rapper's favorite rapper, rap dacta, himself. Always great to listen to this man, he's really awesome.

Anyway, you know the drill. Wear Ghana every Friday. If you don't have something to wear Ghana, contact the Awura Abena Agyeman and the folks at wearghana via wearghana at gmail dot com. Wear Ghana. Stand out.
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