@Abocco's Twitter firsts - mention, retweet, hashtag, etc

I have loved checking out my Twitter archive these last couple of weeks. Twitter is definitely my most used website now. I have become a power user in a sense but I had to learn. I present to you my Twitter firsts.

First tweet. What else was I going to say? I hope I could send something cooler though. The first time I really saw Twitter in action a lot was when I attended Barcamp Africa at the Googleplex in Mountain View on October 11, 2008. So right after the event, after seeing the power of what it could do, I created my Twitter account and tweeted this.

+Henry Addo was one of the first Ghanaian Twitter users. I am going to guess this is via influence from Ushahidi folks like +Erik Hersman & +Ory Okolloh. My first Twitter mention mentioned Henry. Idol he is.

This is quite disappointing. I use hashtags religiously. To say the first time I used it was to tag Liverpool & Chelsea is just not ..... I dunno what to say sef.
First Retweet was a retweet of a tweet by +kasahorow. Now. that's more like it. I have loved Rwanda for long as you can see. :-)
No, I didn't really mean to mention myself but this tweet says so. Must be some funny Twitter stomach pain issues. I am always looking for spectacular African movies. Why not reply to this tweet and let me know? ;-)
Mentioning my girlfriend. Yeah, first time I made a succinct note of my girlfriend on Twitter. Tell me it's not important. And all of that in one day. No, I ain't mentioning her name in this blog post. She no dey Google Plus sef like that.
First follow Friday. Shouldn't be surprising who's mentioned. +Museke+Barcamp Ghana+Fienipa. I used to be a huge fan of +Dambisa Moyo. I love +African Proverbs too.
My first Please RT :-) Sometimes you really want that tweet to follow far and you literally beg for it to viral out. This was for a good cause.
First use of DM lol. For the times when it's occurring to you your friends are using Twitter more than they are using their email.
First live tweeting. Missed doing at my first organized Barcamp at +Barcamp Ghana 2008. So did it the second, next opportunity. With folks like +Jemila Abdulai +Henry Barnor +Worlali Senyo +Tracy Pell +Shara Karasic +Justin Dakorah +Papa Baffour-Awuah +Emmanuel A. Gamor @
Citizen journalist, heavy Twitter user, social media fanatic. All from a series of firsts. :-D
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