A selection of @Abocco tweets from February 2009

What happened in my diary in February 2009? We have an idea thanks to Twitter archive :-)
Ha! I remember this! I started filling it on Facebook and then I felt I had to blog it. You remember the days of Facebook Notes? I mean, when you could feed your blog into Facebook Notes! Damn, Facebook for taking those down. +Esi Cleland-Yankson +Maxine Totoe :-)
I don't know if you ever saw the news story on how Barack +Barack Obama was like 40 something years old, Sarkozy, and other Western leaders being younger than 50. And then in Africa, there's the graphic of the leaders being over 70 etc.
I like Muammar Gaddhafi long time. May he rest in peace and may he not war too many people where he is.
Bright Simons again. And this time, a mention for +Ashifi Gogo. I need to meet +Juliana Rotich too.
I have since spoken at 3 TEDx events - #TEDxKNUST, #TEDxAccra & #TEDxOsu and been involved in planning for +TedxCapeCoastED Ghana. My friend +Mac-Jordan Degadjor is a TEDx guru and he organized +TEDxDzorwulu. Sadly, I have no TED video to show for it. Next time :-)
The Lakers did win the whole thing that year.
And they beat the Spurs along the way. Too bad, the Celtics lost Kevin Garnett and couldn't make it to the Finals. This was Lebron's good chance but then Dwight Howard's Orlando Magic brought their three-pointers to town and shot them better than they normally would. Yeah, I said it.
African time. Coloured man time. Ghana man time. Something. Fashionably late. That must be it when parties are concerned.
Just read this again and there are a couple of surprises. Will love to know thoughts from +Olayemi Oyebode +Gary Al-Smith +AngeloBenjy Agyei-Boateng etc
I used to write a lot of short stories. Especially when I was in Presec. Enjoy this one.
Remember the Kangaroo dance? +TIC TAC has a popular song named Kangaroo too.
I called it. But who didn't know Kevin Durant was gonna be good? Maybe those who thought Blake Griffin would be as good and Greg Oden would really be the next Bill Russell.
Not even sure why I would tweet this on February 16. Valentine day was two days gone. I always miss Ghana when I am not in Ghana. All the time.
Thanks for taking a few minutes to read this blog post.
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