A selection of @Abocco tweets from April 2009

What happened in my diary in April 2009? We have an idea thanks to Twitter archive :-)
These tweets and replies to +Justin Dakorah were way too short. Twitter has a limited number of characters but this form of brevity is unbecoming of me.
The Obrafour album came eventually. But now, Obrafour is changing his name to Obrafoforɔ which means New Life. Cool idea, but a name change. I don't feel good about that. Who does?
Yes, it's God I am talking about here. Something special.
My favorite universities in the US are MIT, Stanford, Syracuse University, University of North Carolina, University of Connecticut and then the rest. I like the TarHeels, my cousin(s) went there and Michael Jordan did too. Congratulated +Adwoa U +Adjoa Adofo and co.
I wrote this after learning some more about the Lister Hospital. We need bigger hospitals like Komfo Anokye & Korle Bu that are privately owned.
It wasn't a holiday in Yankee eh? Bomboclat! Fire burn Babylon.
My first use of a hashtag. Liverpool & Chelsea? Come on! Unfortunate
And no hashtags for the team that matters? Especially when we are playing the team I absolutely love to beat? Unreal.
Northern California weather is way overrated. In fact, more than that, it's disappointing.
Another hashtag and no hashtag types for +Manchester United. I learnt about hashtags all wrong.
Ei Ato, what was the best of the weekend? Then ebe like then you dey go chop some girl paa! How many other things could outdo basketball & football?
+Nana Kwabena Owusu is always up to a lot of stuff. God knows I wanna do more with him.
I don't see enough of +Henry Addo. One of the best folks period at what they do. As awesome as folks like +William Kamkwamba.
+Mawuli Tse, fellow MIT alum and head of the MIT interviewing crew in Ghana. Pioneer is a word that fits him very nicely. I passed on this joke I learnt from +Kwaku Sintim-Misa. Who joined Twitter later and has been blowing it up.
I am hardly sick, so for me to tweet this, something must have been happening. It wasn't malaria though.
Tweeting from a tro-tro is a popular thing to do these days. And tweets like this are some of the favorites. Thank you +Mac-Jordan Degadjor.
Kaish, I forgot I even went to see Jua Cali perform. He did a great job. A Ghanaian guy excited about a Kenyan rapper's concert in 2009? I was ahead of your time. +Museke things.
I love Kaysha's music. I do wanna learn Portuguese and visit Brazil, it would be cool to go to the World Cup. But I will take an all-expenses paid trip to Angola over it.
After attending +Barcamp Ghana 2008, +Tim Akinbo and co went on to organize Barcamp Nigeria. +Shirley Somuah, once of the team members of the first +Barcamp Ghana event, was following the event. On Twitter.
I am going to save this thing in my calendar now. Cherished moment.
+Derrydean Dadzie was a panelist at Barcamp Ghana 2008. His star has been shining, his influence growing and he's become of the finest entrepreneurs in Ghana. Always tease him about his grey hair though. Too much stress? :-D
+Nii Simmonds, hello. :-) I haven't watched 24 like any fan should in 7 years, but see me saying it's my favorite TV show. Used to be.
Before +Barcamp Kumasi came. Raymond was tweeting massively out of Kumasi before he moved to the US to work with Firefox.
Thank me later.
Clap for yourself if you caught the word play here. You force!
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