Learnt how to say "Happy birthday" in 13 African languages

Today is my birthday. For all of you who've been wishing me Happy Birthday, I will like to say Thank you in these 23+ African languages and in these 16+ non-African languages. I asked my friends for how to say Happy Birthday in African languages. Some exist. Now you can wish birthday celebrants in an African language. With some help from my African friends, we have a list to work with. I wish I could get to 30 but I've tried ahh. 
  1. Akan: Mema wo awoda pa. Mema wo awoda mu anigye.  You have another version? Add it in a comment. :-) The +kasahorow gurus like +Paa Kwesi taught me this.
  2. Ga: Afi o afi. You have a better way to say it, Let's hear it. Otherwise, this from +Naa Oyoo Quartey & Naa adjeley hold.
  3. Ewe: Dzigbeza bɔkɔɔ nawo! h +Enock Seth Nyamador of +Planning Wikimedia Ghana wished me this via Twitter today. So I didn't even have to ask gurus like +Seyram Freddy Ahiabor & +Doris Anson-Yevu yet :-)
  4. Swahili: Siku ya ulizaliwa njema. I've used this for a long time. I think +Eric Mibuari taught me this. I'm sure there's another way.
  5. Xhosa: Min'e nnandi kuwe. That's what Nomcebo said o. 
  6. Siswati: Lusuku lwekutalwa loluhle! Imini emnandi yakho yokuzalwa! +Phelele Fakudze told me this once on my birthday. Orgasmic! :-)
  7. Setswana: Letsatsi la matsalo le le ntle. A bit long as +Manteba S'rurubele herself would admit. Am sure it sounds really good when said. 
  8. Yoruba: Ku ayeye ojo ibi. I learnt this from my friend Mimi as well. 
  9. Igbo: Gbaa ubochi omumu gi nke oma. I learnt this from +Chioma Ileagu who shares the same birthday as me. Isn't that tres cool?
  10. Lingala: Mbotama elamu. My buddy +Mandi Nanga taught me this one. 
  11. Kinyarwanda: Umunsi mwiza w'ivuko.  Learnt this from +RICHARD RUSA, who I know my Google times.
  12. Bambara: Sambe sambe. Aminata Niang said there isn't really anything like in this Malian language but this comes close, it stands for benedictions.
  13. Dagbani: Naa dwam dali. +Jemila Abdulai learnt this from her mum and then taught me. Like just some minutes ago.
This follows the "Thank You", "Let's Go, "Money", "I Love You", "How are You and I'm Fine" "Yes & No" "I'm hungry" & Please posts in this series. Share how to say "Happy birthday" in other African languages via the comments. I wish I could have gotten to 23, but I just haven't gotten and I want to post this today. So we are stopping at 13. Lucky 13 eh? Help us get to 23 by adding comments.


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