A selection of @Abocco tweets from June 2009

What happened in my diary in June 2009? We have an idea thanks to Twitter archive :-)
A selection of @Abocco tweets from June 2009
I remember this. We wanted the Ghana Embassy to support the impending Barcamp Diaspora and some info on Ghanaian organizations, etc. We didn't get it or even folks from the embassy to attend.
One of my Museke teammates lived in China. The Chinese really support their own. You can look at that in other ways.
Obviously, I was quite excited to write a tweet in Twi. Wouldn't you? +Henry Addo +Jojoo Imbeah +Paa Kwesi +kasahorow
Must have been that time when I was getting free food consistently. I think that at one time, I went almost 2.33 weeks without spending any money on food. +Tayo Oguntebi +Olasupo Johnson +Anderson Nnewihe
This wasn't just any goal. This was for a semi-professional team. Palo Alto FC. Yea, I am a great defender. In the US. +Yaw Anku (Chief)
Her? Yeah, my girlfriend. Nigerian. The one after +Phelele Fakudze.
I have lost count of how many times I've watched Tsotsi. Here's my favorite blog post about it.
Looking for these kind of people in the US and realising that too many of them simply live in Ghana was a major factor in me moving back to Ghana.
Nice to know I have been saying +Watchudoin for a long time now :-). cc +Ory Okolloh
This is interesting. +Barcamp Ghana did live. Thanks to everyone who has helped +Barcamp Ghana.
Yaa Pono had so much promise. His freestyling videos didn't translate into too much commercial success.
Pretty cool eh? My Swahili was pretty good around this time too. Thanks to folks like +Eric Mibuari +Matilda Mutanguha +Edward Mabonga and co.
Mr. Chocolate Shoulders and his team couldn't pull off the requisite magic. Kobe won his first NBA Finals MVP.
Bill Simmons!
First +GhanaThink Foundation Barcamp in the USA. Our theme. Things were just falling in place. They continue to.
I absolutely used to love this gospel song. These days, I live on a serving of African gospel music. Listening to Ezali Mawa by DR Congo's Makoma now.
Oh, didn't even know I was going to tweet it later then.
I never did. Maybe I can start now.
I called him. Maybe with one those international calling cards. Not sure I was using Google Voice then.
We're just the best.
+Nii Simmonds +Henry Barnor +Emeka Okafor were also getting the +Maker Faire Africa train going.
The start of movie premieres in Ghana. +Mac-Jordan Degadjor. I tweeted about the Perfect Picture before.
This was to be a July tweet. Ghana is ahead of the US.
$20? What were we smoking then? Don't worry, the event was free. Check out http://old.barcampghana.org/barcampdiaspora09/register. Ory Okolloh, one of the most amazing Africans, gave us a shout out. To get her support is priceless.


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