Lome by night - partying in Togo

Life is short. My time in this African country is shorter. This is a mantra I developed with my Google colleague +Ayite Gaba and one I live by when visiting African countries. Thanks to +Wilfried Toussiné, I was able to discover Lome by night yesterday. Here is my then real-time account :-)
These two clubs were the places I'd been told to visit. Wilfried ensured those were the stops for tonight. Was looking forward to going to Privilege, which is the name for another club in Accra. I found out later that the two have no proper relation.
La Villa had as many expats as advertised. Lebanese, Chinese, French people, etc. A mix of hip-hop and pop music was played. Spent the time waiting for the real danceable music by having a cocktail. I had one called Afrodisiak. Oui, the most African sounding cocktail is always my choice.
I learnt about cool catché more this year. In preparation for Lome partying, I had listened to a lot of Toofan music. I never really studied the cool catché dance though. However, when I was actually in Togo, there was news for me. There was a new dance in town called Gweta. I checked out the dance on YouTube a bit earlier in the hotel before going out. Not enough time to get the hang of it though.
Eventually, African music found its way to the La Villa deejay's playlist. Was happy to hear Guru's Lapaz Toyota play. Quite an old song in the grand scheme of things but good to hear some Azonto from Ghana in the mix.
Thinking about Sokode playing right after cast my mind back to being in Lagos last month. Both Lapaz Toyota & Sokode were played at that Bheerhugz Cafe that night. Do African deejays share playlists of old music now? Songs that are popular in the home African country get popular
#228moments was reborn in a Lome club. Remember that. :-) I also learnt to use the word 'gos'. +Gilles Ajavon +Amah Abaglo +Tiyab Konlambigue
There was fly and pretty women sitting next to us in the club. A song about the Gweta dance got them to stand up and dance. Nice.
Besides Privilege closes at 6am so no rush. :-)
God bless David Gaillard. :-)
I had thought that maybe some clubs in Lome wouldn't allow me to enter with a jersey like some Accra do. No problems with the ManUtd jersey even as most Togolese support Arsenal and Chelsea.
Privilege has to be the biggest club I've seen in Africa so far. It's humongous. It was also free to enter, even the VIP area. A lot of the people I saw in La Villa came to Privilege too.
That was the last tweet for the night. I was busy having a jolly good time. I highly recommend La Villa and Privilege night club for you when you are in Lome.


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