A year of #233moments - moments that made us think of Ghana

233moments was started as a hashtag where we'd share where we are and what we are doing at 2:33pm and 2:33am in honour of Ghana. This year, it's become more than that. People have shared various things they call Ghanaian moments as #233moments. In fact, it's become a hashtag to promote and brand Ghana, as captured by +Donald Ward & +Edward Amartey-Tagoe in a tweet below. Here are a few top and selected tweets to capture the essence of this in 2013.

Huge props to +Efo Dela who's really helped drive #233moments and added more flavour to it. There've been many other contributions from +Nana Fynn Class-Peters +Enock Seth Nyamador +Kofi Kafui Kornu +Kobe Subramaniam +Kajsa Hallberg Adu +Prince Boadu +Claude Ayitey, etc
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