December to Remember concert - Twitter the revisitor

I was supposed to be singing "Obi nka sɛ 24th kɔ wo kurom" on December 24th as I made my way towards Kumasi to spend the holidays. However, I spent a little too much time working earlier that day that by the time I was going to head to Kumasi, it was a bit too late. That's when I made the decision to go to +Citi97.3FM's December to Remember concert - #D2R2013. I sought a ticket and then got one. I was exhausted for reasons I can't remember that evening so I took a nap. I woke up and spent more time blogging. It wasn't until I heard +M.anifest had gotten onto the stage that I proceeded to go to the Accra International Conference Centre more seriously. I picked up a friend of +Seyram Freddy Ahiabor's, himself and some short bread for +yorm ackuaku and we were headed to #D2R.

We arrived and were welcomed by +Mawuli Tsikata who handed me a ticket and +Donald Ward who handed Seyram one. "Tweet plenty and write a blog post", said Mawuli. Once I entered and saw Yorm, +Nehemiah Attigah+Nana Fynn Class-Peters+Kojo Akoto Boateng and the +Party Crew squad and co, the enjoyment had begun. But when I saw that screen showing #d2r2013 tweets, it was clear I would be doing a little more tweeting than dancing. Here's the evidence.
Revellers were asked to come in white top and blue jeans. Not everyone followed it, but many wore white and the uniformity was superb. It prevented crowdiness and many other things not enjoyable about going to concerts in Ghana.
What are you waiting for? 2014?
I do a typo sef. But yeah, if you have an Airtel Money account, use it more seriously at - buy music, video, ebooks and more.
People loved seeing this tweet on the big screen. Whether this girl noticed it is another topic. My guess is she was too busy dancing to pay attention to Twitter even when it was on a huge screen right next to her.
Thanks for the shout out guys! I plussed the +CitiFM Fanpage long time! Y'all rock! :-) cc +Kwame Gyan
Wore my #bcaccra T-shirt to the concert. Repping +Barcamp Accra!
Yeah, @ienyonam
Kaakie is one of the dancehall queen heavyweights in Africa already. She gained more respect from me when she remembered Nelson Mandela.
Joey B has a top song in Ghana now. All because of tonga, tonga, #tonga!
I saw him emcee the Intel Explore & Learn launch in Lagos and then this December to Remember concert in Accra. Going places.
Tic Tac is a great guy! I wish that he continues to remain relevant as long as he makes music and long after he's done. Obrafour too!
Elom Adablah is my mate from Presec. Surprisingly, a lot of people don't know he's an Odadee. +Elom Adablah, do something about that :-)
CITI FM's cameras caught me and then I was on the big screen in this tweet. Guess what I was doing in the picture? Tweeting :-)
Castro Destroyer came to destroy the devil. Figuratively and literally. The concert ended with a standup praise and worship service. Early church service for many revellers. It was a great concert.
Kudos to the CITI FM crew and the organizers for a great concert.


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