Sunday, December 8, 2013

A selection of @Abocco tweets May 2009

What happened in my diary in May 2009? We have an idea thanks to Twitter archive :-)
This was the third Stanford African Business Forum (SABF). I wasn't going to miss it as I was there. I do remember that I would have almost missed the start of it though if I had spent some more time with my ex. In hindsight, I probably should have. Yeah, you wanted to hear about the forum itself. I made a small mention here. Hope you clicked the first link before this one.
We should be tired of playing catch up. Let's do something new. Like taking something personal and making it our own.
I hadn't gotten used to live-tweeting yet, so as many others at SABF. So we didn't have many tweets to show. I did tweet my feedback about the event. See Africa Differently+Henry Barnor
I remember that goal! It was going to be a The Red Devils against the Blaugrana & Messi against C. Ronaldo final though. d
For your benefit. Paul Kagame. Patrick Awuah. Later, I also wrote about Leti Games, building computer games in Africa.
Haha! Learning about Follow Friday for the first time.
Here are those blog posts. Inye, Isibini, Isithathu.
It still hasn't happened.
One of those things we did when Twitter was still relatively new.
I love writing about sports. I'm going to re-read this one soon. +Mac-Jordan Degadjor +Olasupo Johnson +Tayo Oguntebi +Nana Menya Ayensu
Prayers were answered.
#MightyAfrican things. Check it out today.
It's really sad that I can't even see what I was replying to and why I would post a tweet mentioning a fine lady and simply say :-). :-D
Google Maps has continued to grow. +Jeremiah Kamau +Evans Arabu should take a good amount of credit.
And then I posted "I am gonna make 12 meals out of $20. now that is what I call economics. Beat that!"
"We face neither West nor East, we face forward".
+Yvonne Darkwa-Poku :-)
This was the day I started supporting Barcelona in addition to other teams.
Oh, so we actually had July 18th as the date for #bcdiaspora once? It happens. +Jemila Abdulai
There is ECOWAS day! I'm celebrating it more seriously in 2014.
I cooked all this myself. Bossu kena.
Those spelling bee kids are something else. Kennyi repped Ghana hard. +Kennyi Aouad.
Haha! Sorry, I had to laugh. The only thing that would beat my best food is free food. ;-)
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