"See that sexy girl from Ghana, she too fine, one of a kind..."

"Girl, your behind is a killer". No, I am not talking about Victoria Hammah. Her behind only killed for herself and eventually she was left behind for not having much more than it. Vicky is cool though, I think she should launch a talk show with some reality TV angles and name it Victoria's Hammer. She can use her interest in politics and the interest in her to hammer societal issues. Think about it. Yeah, it would work. You can launch the show on Twitter and add the hashtag #vickyleaks. Just don't make this Gobe song your soundtrack because I am not talking about you.

Just yesterday, I was watching 1 Night in Vegas again in preparation to finally write my review about the movie. That Sarodj Bertin chic is fine. But this particular chic is fly. And she's from Ghana. 1 night ago, "he was with some fine chic". "Tonight he was with you". I don't know if it's an affair, I don't really follow the news or the gossip so I couldn't tell. I do patronize Hot Gossip in Accra though. Khona. Maybe I'd see you in the corner of that club one day? Walaahi! Is that a yes or no? If I saw you, I would send many texts to that number to make sure my message to you shows on the Hot Gossip screen. You better watch. See Gobe.

I saw her again. But couldn't say hi. Hi is so understated. It doesn't foster conversation. It has to be some sort of pick up a chat line. Not a pick up line, this one is different. See Gobe. I mean, see. I met you last time at the Smiles for Christmas event at La Villa Boutique Hotel. If you took a picture with me, I will have many smiles for Christmas. Is that what I should have told her? Or let's see. I met you at the time bedtime conversation thing premiere. If you met me for lunch at Auntie Muni Waakye tomorrow, I would show you the best bedtime conversation tomorrow night as well. Would that be any better? I might very well use it. I just can't use a third line like I met you at the time the m do do do ti dot happened because yea, I didn't actually meet you.

"Good things come to those who wait, so I am ready to sleep outside your gate". So yeah, I wouldn't say anything now or even try to get to know you. Because I believe I will see you again. I just believe so. I still haven't seen the lady who did me antenna earlier this year, but I know that time is coming. And at the time, I go deal with you personali. I no go lie. Everybody is talking about your behind? Davido sang this song for you. Nobody is praising the other fine qualities about you? Not true. You're a fine lady. We've seen you show your brains, we've seen you display your brawn. We celebrate you, Ghanaian woman. Keep it up. If you tweeted more vim before, I would say more vim to you.

"I've been to many places in this world, searching for the kind of girl. Enter the net". Work. I can take you places that you've never been, though you think you're all that. You're all that. No, I am not taking my three points right now. But I will love to take them later because you be the Tonga. We are celebrating the Christmas with the Tonga song but you won't be a big part of mine. We'll celebrate you, Ghanaian woman. For your beauty. For your behind. I finally spent some quality time in Koforidua this year and a lot of people were talking about (yes, you guessed it) Koforidua Flowers. Koforidua Flowers actually come from an Adinkra symbol. It has come to refer to beautiful Ghanaian women in general. Like this one I saw the last time.

I would write more about you, sexy lady from Ghana. A Ghanaian lady is coming over. So I would leave it here. See that sexy girl from Ghana, she too fine, one of a kind... I call her... Oh, you want to know her name? Oh Na na, what's my name? She's a Ghanaian woman. #Thatsall. Adult Music! If they play that Kwabena Kwabena song anywhere I am tonight, I go dance papa! You'd be my inspiration. In searching for a picture for this blog post, I thought of you, what would be the best picture for this blog post. I did a Google search and the first picture is what I've chosen. The link was to my blog sef. Full circle.


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