Recapping CITI's FM December to Remember Concert with tweets

M.Anifest came to do "some way bi" things. Footprintz paved the way for Bisa Kdei as they joined to do 'Jackie Appiah'. Bisa then showed us Azonto would live even after it dies with Azonto Ghost, notwithstanding Metanfo and that everywhere he is, it's an Azonto Fiesta, so just 'Give it to Baba'. The international fisherman, Gasmilla, came in with a canoe to do Aboodatoi and take his 3 points. Guru came and put on a show without DJ LiWin, performing Lapaz Toyota, Mmaakuo, etc and doing the Alkhayida dance and all. Boys abrɛ! Yea, I had missed some great performances. But I wasn't going to miss the whole December to Remember concert organized by +Citi97.3FM. It was around this time, that I settled into my seat and then started tweeting and dancing away. Enjoy reliving the experience.
What are you waiting for? 2014? Follow now.
Her many dancers helped created a very enjoyable neke neke performance. The kids on stage stole the show as usual.
Keche performed Gogo gaga, as well as Pressure, Alunguntugui, Slow Motion and more.
Massive song, this one. It's a special one for me too, my bestie calls me Gui :-)
Isn't this shot just beautiful? This all-white attire was a great great idea. Kudos to the organizers!
Kaakie performed alone and held her own. She also performed Too Much, Bumbum cha, DC Turn Up, Zuulchiya, etc.
After performing Strawberry Ginger, Joey B finally performed Tonga. Tonga is the song Ghanaians are chopping Christmas with. Join the hype lest you are left behind.
Tonga has been such a massive hit and so sudden too. But if the song rhymes with Khona and people keep on asking what Tonga is, what do you expect? Popular opinion says Tonga means - "The Only Nice Girl Available".
Yea, we have a dance. Follow us, come join us and we'd show you :-) cc +Donald Ward +Seyram Freddy Ahiabor +David Nikoi +Nehemiah Attigah +Nana Fynn Class-Peters.
Hehe, Tonga is now the culprit for battery killing. cc +Atitsogbui Patrick Keli.
Dunno if I meant to say Sobolo here. But I do have obolo joy for Sobolo. Bissap is whatsapp.
+Elom Adablah is a very talented guy. I really love his music videos too. He performed Halleluyah, Kaalu, One Ghana, etc.
Apparently, Nathan Quao performed the official D2R song. +Gary Al-Smith, his colleague, was proud of him for his short solo. The guy can rap! Someone should sign him up!
Have you seen those white girl azonto videos on YouTube? This was a real life version.
Castro also performed Concentrate, Odo Pa, African Girls, Do da dance, etc. He took us way back and had us singing Toffee, Boneshaker, Back and Front, etc.
+Party Crew always brings the party. Everywhere we go!
Ghanaians can switch from secular to religious in a heartbeat. Castro gained a lot of cool points by finishing off his performance and the concert with the praise and worship songs.
December is the season to be in Ghana. Let PartyCrewGH be your guide. Become a a fan of +CitiFM Fanpage and CITI FM if you are not already.


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