Indomie is dominating in Ghana: getting new fans for it

I've become a fan of Indomie this year. I needed to have supper one night, and it was late. I wanted something affordable. Open Sesame. Welcome Indomie. I mean the one that's been prepared and sells in multiple corners of Ghana. I bought some Indomie for about 3GHC. I enjoyed that meal totally. It reminded me of when we used to eat 'spag' in Presec - spaghetti with sardines, corned beef and shito. Only this time, it was richer. It had sauce, eggs, corned beef, veggies, and noodles. The one they advertise for kids in the mornings but adults buy more personally in the evenings. I would have Indomie when it was late, I was lazy to get something out of my kitchen, and I didn't have other dinner plans.

Unlike waakye, you have to wait for your Indomie to be prepared. 10-15 minutes. Initially, I'd place an order, find somewhere to go and something to do for 15 minutes, and come back for my Indomie. Eventually, I figured I couldn't really do the waiting. I mostly bought Indomie from a lady in East Legon. One day, I just took her phone number. I asked her name. "Mepa wokyɛw, mede Rose". I saved her number as Rose Indomie. 15 minutes till the time I'd get to her spot with the #vimride, I'd call Obaa Rose and order Indomie. I'd arrive to collect it, go home and do justice to it. It was just awesome.

A couple of times, I called Obaa Rose and she wouldn't pick the phone. That wasn't fun at all. Obaa Rose must really get a hotline, open from 8pm to 11:33pm. These couple of times, I ended up buying Indomie at another nearby spot, another time, I bought some near American House. One night, I bought some for 5GhC, Rose had closed for work. I told the lady that 5GHC was too much. "ɛdeɛben a na ɛwɔ wo Indomie no mu?" She bore. She was going to not sell it to me. I had to calm her down. The Indomie was not any better than Obaa Rose's. I promised never to buy hers again. I haven't.

Earlier, +Esi Cleland-Yankson heard me talking about Indomie and expressed interest in having some. So we set an Indomie date. For yesterday. I met her up at the +Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology Incubator. We asked for nearby recommendations from +Rinkart Asibey. He talked about how spots which are popular normally don't have great Indomie. Because of their long lines, they hurry the preparing and the different meals take hits for that. Great point. So he showed us one particular lady to go to. Our choice was made.
We found the chosen one. She was selling Indomie for 3 or 4 GHC. The higher priced one had more value - more Indomie, more eggs, more corned beef, gizzards sef, so we got one of each. She offered us seats. Esi and I conversed about Afrochic as we waited. When she finished, Esi wanted to give her tip, so I added one too and she got 10GhC. She gave us the change back and I said in Twi (translated to English) "This is Esi's first time having Indomie and she's...." forgot what exactly I added but you get the point right? I asked her for her name. "Christiana". I didn't take her number though.

The Indomie was not really warm when we started having it. That reduced the enjoyment. Esi had been looking forward to this waa and ultimately there was a bit of disappointment. It didn't have enough veggies and it would have been good if it included fried eggs. She couldn't finish it. But Esi is willing to try again. Probably not Christiana's. She has new recommendations now. We'd likely have her try Obaa Rose's Indomie next. I can vouch for Rose. After I saw Esi off, I went to ask for the price of unprepared Indomie. The 120kg pack costs 1GHC while the 70kg pack costs 60 pesewas. Yeah, the Indomie sellers are making good profit.

PS: I copied this blog into Microsoft Word and searched for how many times I'd mentioned Indomie in this blog post. 23 times! Truth. Well, I just mentioned it again so I am going to remove one so I remain at 23. If you think I am loving the number 23 because this food is as cool as Michael Jordan, you're a bit lost. This food, though from elsewhere, has become very Ghanaian. It's popular in the +233 country code. #233moments. So yeah, 23 mentions of this word is quite befitting of this blog post. What a long post-script! My script is done.


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