There shall be no more Madiba Happy Birthdays, but this Lira song will live forever

Since we are all talking about Nelson Mandela now, this is a good time to blog about him some more. After this tribute. I started listening to this Happy Birthday song sang byLira @miss_lira on the occasion of Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday. Our hero is no more. This is a happy birthday song but unfortunately, he won't be celebrating any more birthdays. I can't wait till July 18, 2014 to blog about this.

This song is way too awesome for it to not be known by more people. So I felt I had to blog about it. Today. And give it some more publicity. So I googled one more time to see what I could find and I wasn't surprised to see this through the Museke archives. Lyrics to the song I have had on repeat the last 27 minutes.

Before the lyrics, this is what she said - Thank you so much. Hello everyone, Happy birthday Tata! I decided to just write a few songs from my heart this morning. So this is quite impromptu, but it is a really heartfelt message. To say, he has inspired me and our generation. So I will be reading it, and singing it, and I hope you enjoy. 

Madiba, did you know that one day you will change a nation
Madiba, did you know that one day you will heal a nation
Did you really know that you will be so loved by the world
Did it ever occur to you that you'll be a source of inspiration
One thing is for sure you've touched many hearts around the world
Yes, you are the most celebrated leader of our time
Yes, I wanna thank you for standing up in what you believed
Yes, I wanna thank you for fighting for equality
You've given me, you've given me a life of possibilities
Yes, I wanna thank you for a life lived with great passion
Happy birthday, Madiba
Happy birthday, Mandela
Happy birthday, Madiba, I hope you hear me
Happy birthday, Mandela
I wanna wish you Happy birthday
Happy birthday (14x)
I wanna wish you Happy birthday, Happy birthday
© Lira
This song was sung live during a Kaya FM 95.9 recording on the occasion of Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday

I had to have you appreciate the lyrics before making you listen to the song. You can listen it to right here and hopefully you will repeat it multiple times like I am still doing. 


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