What you missed about Barcamp Accra 2013 captured on social media #bcaccra

+Barcamp Accra alone, the 28th +Barcamp Ghana event since its inception in December 2008, happened yesterday. Because we at the +GhanaThink Foundation care too much, we created multiple +Storify posts to capture what happened yesterday. I've been using Storify a lot this year and I love it. I like how it's improved over the course of 2013 alone. See a series of slide shows where you can catch up on #bcaccra. You can watch our recorded live stream here & see #bcaccra.I felt like putting each of these in a separate blog post. I know I have a lot of blog posts left to meet my 233 target, but that would have been way to many blog posts about Barcamp Accra.

Kudos to my fellow Barcamp Accra team members for organizing a great event - +Doris Anson-Yevu +nii nai-kwade +kofi yeboah +Kuukuwa Manful +Nehemiah Attigah +Worlali Senyo +Bubune Sorkpor +Ela Asare and +Mac-Jordan Degadjor. Many thanks to +Seyram Freddy Ahiabor +Donald Ward +Edward Amartey-Tagoe +David Nikoi +Senam Aseye Bridget +Rachel Hormeku +nathaniel ALPHA +Watson Bedzrah and all the other volunteers who supported, especially @Albert wright and +Cecil Dadzie.


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